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Motorbike parts for respraying

So this motorbike tank and spares came in to us for refurbishing and respraying.  You can see the condition before and after and how it emphasises the beauty of the paintwork when finished.

Kitchen Door Refurbishment

Our first set of kitchen door refurbishments in this spray shop!

All doors come in needing TLC, we use them everyday and they get used.  When your doors/panels come into us,  we clean, repair, prepare, coat and spray each individual door to a high standard and hand them back to the customer.

We have additional services for customers who do not wish to remove or replace their doors themselves called 'Take & Replace' whereby we come and take your doors off and replace and realign them when they are done.

Bird Control

As with many properties, bird issues occur that need to be solved quickly to stop hazardous waste issues.  This was carried out in November and now the staff have a safe and clean environment to work in.

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