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Aerial Platform Work

Just some of the items we cover...

Graffiti removal

Greggs Shopfront graffiti removal

Our MEWP is useful for most high level works.  On this occasion it was to remove graffiti from a roof and to deep clean the shopfront too.

Bird Netting & Pigeon Spiking

Pigeon spiking of light fittings

Owning and running a premises can be challenge enough, but keeping pests away is imperative.

We are able to install varying styles of pigeon spiking to buildings, signs or projecting items from the building to eliminate the chance of vermin infestation.

Shopfront Cleaning

Greggs - Shopfront repair and full clean

What may seem a simple task of maintaining a shopfront can be turned into challenge when the correct equipment is not available.  Our MEWP is available for refurbishment and cleaning of shopfronts, signage, windows, lighting and more.

Aerial Platform Work: Projects
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