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The Spray Shop is almost ready!


After deliberation whether to build it now or later, a barrage of work came in to spray kitchen doors, amongst many other items, so the Metier’s Spray Shop was born! It's nearly finished and despite looking clinical, it has had a lot of work put into getting it where it is now. Orders now being taken for kitchen and furniture refurbishments. The website is up and running for you to book in your own appointment with us and have a live chat as and when you want to.

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Stepmac & Stepmac XL

March 2020

This video is about  Stepmac & Stepmac XL. Lightweight and comfortable. Stepmac is an all-aluminium work bench. Its compact size, speedy opening, height-adjustable platform and wide non-slipping pads make it a very good item to have every day. The legs are adjusted independently, allowing safe work even if the floor is not entirely level.

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Macc Origami

March 2020

A video review on the Macc Origami.  This is one of the many handy tools that we use in our everyday workshop/site life.

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Macc Sherpa

April 2020

The Sherpa is a storage box that offers a large volume and complete mobility. The original concept of vertical deployment offers capacious storage in the smallest space. Each of the four storage zones is made up of impact-resistant polypropelene trays that are easily accessible and specially designed. Thus, you have : an upper partitioned tray an intermediate tray with a magnetic rail a lower tray with a removable partition a hold-all base. The combination of a tubular steel frame and puncture-proof wheels with a large diameter (200 mm) allows the box to be mobile on all sites. Note that sliding pads have been provided on the rear to make the box easy to load and unload into and out of the van.

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Macc Bracomac & Aluminium Ladders

April 2020

This video is about the Macc Bracomac & Aluminium Ladders System.

Its a great system with honest reviews from myself. I use these products day in day out. Please feel free to ask any questions. Please "like" and "subscribe" to my page.

Bracomac is a system that enables to realise a quick and easy scaffolding system using class 1 ladders, and allows you to have a light scaffolding for short term sites. Quick and easy set up thanks to 2 section sliding ladders. This scaffolding system will be completed with our telescopic board Telespan and our protection system Lissmac.

The BRACOMAC system has been realised from technical calculations and is delivered with detailled instructions. The Telesplan is extendable from 2.10 to 3.52. The Lissmac System was not shown during the video as we use boards instead of the lissmac barrier.

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Escamac 2 by Macc Products

May 2020

Escamac 2 is a telescopic articulated ladder made entirely in aluminium. With its controlled articulation, it may be used in the straight position or as trestle steps, and can be closed to make it easier to carry. Very compact and telescopic, Escamac 2 will be the solution for working safely, even in staircases. Escamac 2 complies with standard EN 131 and has a telescopic base for greater stability. Folded dimensions: 1.22 x 0.56 x 0.18 m Maximum unfolded length: 4.08 m


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Ariba Network

SAP Ariba creates direct, intelligent connections between your business and your suppliers and targeted solution providers, redefining how you communicate, collaborate, and get work done.

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Safe Contractor

Health, Safety and Ethical Accreditation

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